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Kenes M+ is the only authorized company to arrange and to contact the participants of RehabWeek 2019. As the congress secretariat, we have been recently notified that our invited speakers and delegates have been contacted by a certain company who claims to provide hotel accommodation and services.

This company or any other company are not authorized to provide such services and to contact our participants. If you had shared any credit card information please call your bank immediately and cancel your credit card.

Please ignore any email message and call from BTM or any other travel agent who claims to be authorized for providing services on behalf of RehabWeek 2019 and Kenes M+. If you are contacted as such, please do notify and send us the information immediately.

Your personal information has not been compromised or shared with any other company. It is possible to access public congress information on the congress web page and simply search contact details through search engines.

If you have been contacted by other than Kenes M+:

-Call your credit card company immediately.
-Check your credit card accounts and change your passwords.
-Notify the credit bureaus and call the police if necessary.
-Monitor your statements and credit reports.
-Check your online shopping accounts.

We are in the process of addressing this situation and we appreciate your kind understanding and support.

For Kenes M+ contact details please click here.

RehabWeek 2019 Congress Secretariat