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Abstract Submission / Poster Exhibition

The poster/paper review process is finished and all authors have been informed about acceptance/rejection of their contributions to RehabWeek. The six conferences have accepted more than 450 poster presentations. We would like to thank all authors for their efforts in helping to make RehabWeek a great and very interactive event! We also want to thank all the numerous reviewers for their time and expertise!

Please click here for a complete overview over all posters and posters schedule. Late poster presenters are still to be informed about their poster numbers.


Aside from the individual conferences’ awards, the best submissions from each conference will be selected to compete for the overall RehabWeek poster awards. These awards are given to the best poster presentations out of all the six RehabWeek conferences. The poster awards are sponsored by:

1st Prize: 750 USD        Fourier Intelligence Logo Fourier Intelligence colour CMYK Original 201


2nd Prize: 500 USD

hocoma rehab logo motek rehab logo
3rd Prize: 250 USD LOGO TECNALIA
4th Prize: 150 USD      Reha stim
5th Prize: 100 USD      Reha stim

 Poster Winners:

1. Prize Ronald Cotton

Self-dosed electromyography biofeedback via wearable electronics in spinal cord injury: a feasibility study

2. Prize         Katherine A Fuller          Reliability, Validity, and Agreement of the Full and Short-form Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale in People with Lower Extremity Amputations
3. Prize Aaron Fleming

Proportional Myoelectric Control of a Powered Ankle Prosthesis for Postural Control under Expected Perturbation: A Pilot Study

4. Prize Brock Laschowski      

Preliminary Design of an Environment Recognition System for Controlling Robotic Lower-Limb Prostheses and Exoskeletons

4. Prize Trevor Scott Barss Enhancing Non-Gait-Specific Interventions to Improve Walking after Spinal Cord Injury




  • Posters must be A0 size (84.1x118.9cm or 33.1x46.8 inches), portrait format.
  • The logo of the respective conference has to be placed on the top right corner of the poster (ICORR, IFESS, INRS, ISPO, RESNA)
  • Setup time starts at 8am on Monday, June 24th. All posters must be set up at the latest by 8am on Tuesday, June 25th . Posters have to be taken down or will be removed and tossed at 4pm on Thursday, June 27th .
  • Candidates for the best poster award need to be present in front of their poster during the poster viewing and judging session on June 26th from 8.45- 10am to be eligible for the award.
  • In addition to the official poster viewing and judging session, scheduled for Wednesday morning, all poster presenters will be assigned certain slots during coffee breaks, during which they are expected to be present at their posters. The schedule will be published online after May 15th. 
  • Presenters MAY (not mandatory) choose to share their posters with congress attendees if they wish. All posters sent to Mojca Rodic (mrodic@kenes.com) by May 24th will be included in the conference app as downloads. For all others, abstracts/papers will be included only.


  • There is no RehabWeek template you need to use.
  • Posters must be A0 size (84.1x118.9cm or 33.1x46.8 inches), portrait format.
  • The logo of the RehabWeek has to be placed on the top right corner of the poster.
  • Setup time starts at 8am on Monday, June 24th 2019. All posters must be set up at the latest by 8am on Tuesday, June 25th 2019. Posters have to be taken down or will be removed and tossed at 4pm on Thursday, June 27th 2019.
  • Presenters of Late Breaking Posters are not assigned a specific time slot to present their posters, but may be present at their posters at any time
  • Please note that late breaking poster abstracts are not published anywhere, nor distributed in any form.
  • The late breaking posters are not eligible for the best poster award.



The best 60 poster submissions from all 6 societies were pre-selected for the RehabWeek poster award. Those authors were informed and are expected to present their poster during one of the poster fast forward sessions on Tuesday, June 25th, according to the distributed schedule. Please make sure you come to the front of the room and line up according to staff instructions at the beginning of your FF session!  The top 20 of these 60 candidates will be selected as finalists for the second round of judging, at their posters during the poster viewing and judging session on June 26th from 8.45- 10am. These 20 finalists will be informed on Tuesday night, June 25th. Individuals not present at their poster during the judging session or those unable to present their poster during the fast forward session will automatically be disqualified from the poster competition.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top five overall RehabWeek poster presenters and diplomas will be given to the top 5 presenters. In addition to that, please check with the individual conferences for additional, society-specific awards.



  • Fast forward sessions are scheduled on Tuesday, June 25th from 9.15-10am and from 2.30 to 3.15pm. Presenters will be informed about their slot and position in the slot early June.
  • Poster presentation time is 60 seconds, the slide will disappear, and the presenter sent away after 60 seconds!
  • 1 slide allowed, format .PPT landscape, no template will be provided, only a suggestion
  • Absolutely no animations allowed, no movies embedded
  • Leave a place on the top left corner for your poster number. It will be added by Kenes once it’s available early June.
  • Conference logo must be on the top right corner
  • Slide needs to be submitted to Kenes (email: mrodic@kenes.com) by May 24th, so Kenes can provide slides to the speaker ready room staff; failure to submit the slide on time leads to exclusion from the poster fast forward session and award.
  • Kenes will contact the corresponding authors if there are any technical problems
  • Judging sheet (empty) will be shared with the authors, so they know what judges are looking for

Judging sheets download: Poster judging sheet / Fast forward judging sheet 



The INRS organization committee would like to express our thanks to the below abstract reviewers. We truly appreciate their expertise and their time and efforts in helping to make the INRS a great conference!

Edwin van Asseldonk

Catherine Mercier

Sergi Bermudez i Badia

Kristin Musselman

Andrea Behrman

Michael Obach

Rocco Salvatore Calabro

Denny Oetomo

Jaap Harlaar

Nam Jong Paik

Huub van Hedel

Chetan Phadke

Iris Jakob

Martina R. Spiess

Ellen Jaspers

Frans Steenbrink

Je Hyung Jung

Oliver Stoller

Francesca Lunardini

Leslie VanHiel

Serena Maggioni

Seng Kwee Wee
Laura Marchal-Crespo Tamar Weiss
  Markus Wirz


IFESS Thank you!

The IFESS Organizing Committee would like to thank the following individuals for lending their time and expertise to review submissions to the IFESS conference:

Anthony Burns
Thomas Janssen
Matija Milosevic
Bastien Moineau
Kristin Musselman
Kento Nakagawa
Milos Popovic
Hossein Rouhani
Ervin Sejdic
Catriona Steele
Albert Vette
Matheus Wiest
Paul Yoo
José Zariffa


ICORR Thank you! 

Namaste - Words of Thanks

The chairs of ICORR would like to sincerely thank the following members of the Program Committee Conference Editorial Board.

The members of the Editorial Board, listed below, who made our work a real pleasure. Our submissions kept us busy and stimulated. There were 278 submissions overall. These papers were reviewed with on average three reviewers per paper, but a minimum of two. Associate Editors made initial “accept/reject” recommendations, and final decisions were made by the Editors, also known as the Program Committee. From this we created an excellent and diverse scientific program of podium, poster, and fast forward sessions.

Our workshops and student paper competition were also carefully reviewed by separate panels, selected by the program committee. We thank all these individuals for their time.

Each ICORR strives to maintain the highest quality of papers, with ratings and feedback given to authors from reviewers. The continued dedication and commitment of Editors, Associate Editors and Reviewers, makes this Conference. It’s been an honour and privilege to be part of such a fine community.

James Patton & Arun Jayaraman, Co-Chairs 

Program Committee and Editors

Domenico Campolo, Chair Rui Loureiro, Advisory & Steering
Dino Accoto Etienne Burdet, Advisory & Steering
Angelo Basteris Domen Novak, Finance & budgeting
Ana Luisa Trejos, Student competition  

Student Paper Competition Editors

Dino Acoto Michelle Johnson
Kim Adams Mahta Khoshnam
Phillip Beckerle Michael Naish
Nicolas Garcia Elliot Rouse

Associate Editors

Accoto, Dino Carloni, Raffaella Forner-Cordero, Arturo
Artemiadis, Panagiotis Casadio, Maura Frisoli, Antonio
Basteris, Angelo Castellini, Claudio Garcia-Aracil, Nicolas
Basteris, Angelo Catalano, Manuel Giuseppe Gassert, Roger
Beckerle, Philipp Colasanto, Luca Guo, Zhao
Bianchi, Matteo Coscia, Martina Howard, Matthew
Braun, David Crocher, Vincent Karavas, Nikolaos
Burdet, Etienne Desplenter, Tyler J. C. Kong, Kyoungchul
Cappello, Leonardo Formica, Domenico Lambercy, Olivier
Lee, Hyunglae Piovesan, Davide Sergi, Fabrizio
Lenzi, Tommaso Prange-Lasonder, G.B. Siqueira, Adriano
Major, Matthew Raspopovic, Stanisa Soares, Alcimar B
Marchal-Crespo, Laura Rastgaar, Mo Sulzer, James
Masia, Lorenzo Rauter, Georg Tagliamonte, Nevio Luigi
Mazzoleni, Stefano Reed, Kyle B. Trejos, Ana Luisa
McDaid, Andrew Rodriguez Guerrero, Carlos Ugurlu, Barkan
Menon, Carlo Ronsse, Renaud Unal, Ramazan
Mukherjee, Biswarup Rosendo, Andre Vanderborght, Bram
Novak, Domen Rossi, Stefano Veneman, Jan
Oetomo, Denny Rouse, Elliott Young, Aaron
Perry, Joel C. Salvietti, Gionata Zenzeri, Jacopo
Pierella, Camilla Sanguineti, Vittorio Zhang, Wenlong


Paper Reviewers

Abayasiri, Achintha
Abdul Mutalib, Sharah
Abellard, Alexandre
Accoto, Dino
Acer, Merve
Ackermann, Marko
Aguirre-Ollinger, Gabriel
Akbas, Tunc
Akiyama, Yasuhiro
Albanese, Giulia Aurora
Alexandre Pinto Sales de Noronha, Bernardo
Alkhatib, Farah
Altinkaynak, Evrim Selin
Amatya, Sunny
Ambrosini, Emilia
Amirabdollahian, Farshid
Anaya Reyes, Francisco
Andreasen Struijk, Lotte NS
Andrés Felipe Aguirre Fajardo, Andrés Felipe
Angelini, Franco
Antfolk, Christian
Antonietti, Alberto
Antuvan, Chris Wilson
Aramizo Ribeiro, Guilherme
Arbo, Mathias
Archambault, Philippe S
Artemiadis, Panagiotis
Artoni, Fiorenzo
Arunachalam, Anjana Gayathri
Atashzar, S. Farokh
Atzori, Manfredo
Auberger, Roland
Aubin, Patrick
Bacek, Tomislav
Badesa, Francisco Javier
Bai, Guochao
Ballardini, Giulia
Ballesteros, Joaquin
Barralon, Pierre, Barralon
Barsotti, Michele
Basteris, Angelo
Battini, Elena
Baud, Romain
Baud-Bovy, Gabriel
Baur, Kilian
Bayhaqi, Yakub
Bayon, Cristina
Beckerle, Philipp
Bengtson, Stefan Hein
Berry, Andrew
Berselli, Giovanni
Kaneishi, Daisuke
Kang, Inseung
Kang, Jiyeon
Karavas, George K.
Katic, Natalija
Khalili, Mahsa
Khurshid, Rebecca
Kim, Minjae
Kim, Wansoo
Kinany, Nawal
Klamroth-Marganska, Verena
Klug, Florian
Knoop, Espen
Knop, Lauren
Kobayashi, Hiroshi
Kong, Kyoungchul
Kora, Kazuto
Kose, Hatice
Kosterink, Stephanie
Krasoulis, Agamemnon
Krebs, Hermano Igo
Kucukyilmaz, Ayse
Kunapuli, Pratik
Laliberte, Thierry
Lambercy, Olivier
Langlois, Kevin
Lanotte, Francesco
Lau, Hong Fai
Lauretti, Clemente
Lazzaroni, Maria
Lee, Jeonghwan
Lencioni, Tiziana
Lenzi, Tommaso
Leofante, Francesco
Leonardis, Daniele
Li, Linfeng
Li, Pengcheng
Li, Yanan
Li, Yangzhi
li, zheng
Liarokapis, Minas
Ling, Jie
Liu, Honghai
Liu, Ming
Lontis, Romulus
Losey, Dylan
Lotti, Nicola
Luenenburger, Lars
Lum, Peter
Lunardini, Francesca
Luporini Menegaldo, Luciano
M. Scheidegger, Wandercleyson
Mace, Michael
Macon, Keith
Maggioni, Serena
Mahadevappa, Manjunatha
Mancisidor, Aitziber
Mannini, Andrea
Marazzi, Michele
Marchal-Crespo, Laura
Marini, Francesca
Martelli, Francesca
Matsubara, Takamitsu
Matthew, Robert, Peter
Mazzoleni, Stefano
McDaid, Andrew
McGrath, Robert
Meattini, Roberto
Meek, Sanford
Meijneke, Cor
Meinhold, Waiman
Mendonca, Rochelle
Mghames, Sariah


Bertomeu-Motos, Arturo
Bhatnagar, Timothy
Biagiotti, Luigi
Bitikofer, Christopher Bitikofer
Blanco, Andrea
Bo, Antonio Padilha Lanari
Bolivar Nieto, Edgar A.
Borisoff, Jaimie
Bouri, Mohamed
Brenneis, Dylan J. A.
Bruno, Barbara
Bui, Kevin
Bulea, Thomas
Caimmi, Marco
Calanca, Andrea
Calli, Berk
Campeau-Lecours, Alexandre
Campo, Jonathan
Canessa, Andrea
cao, wujing
Capsi Morales, Patricia
Carloni, Raffaella
Carpinella, Ilaria
Carpino, Giorgio
Castellini, Claudio
Champagne, Pierre-Olivier
Chavez-Romero, Raul
Chen, Baojun
Chen, Chao-feng
Chen, Yu-ping
Cherif, Amel
Cherpin, Adele
Chinello, Francesco
Choi, Younggeun
Ciancio, Anna Lisa
Cifuentes Garcia, Carlos Andres
Cikajlo, Imre
Cimolato, Andrea
Cleary, Kevin
Clemente, Francesco
Colli Alfaro, José Guillermo
Comani, Silvia
Consoni, Leonardo José
Contreras Calderon, Maria Guadalupe
Cordella, Francesca
Coscia, Martina
Crevecoeur, Frédéric
Crocher, Vincent
Culha, Utku
Dallali, Houman
D'Alonzo, Marco
Michael, Brendan
Michmizos, Konstantinos
Mileti, Ilaria
Monaco, Vito
Moon, Inhyuk
Mosconi, Denis
Muceli, Silvia
Mugnosso, Maddalena
Müller, Henning
Mura, Domenico
Murali Krishna, Karnam
Näf, Matthias, Basil
Nahhas, Mohammad Khair
nalam, varun
Narayan, Ashwin
Nef, Tobias
Negrello, Francesca
Nejati Javaremi, Mahdieh
Nguyen, Harrison
Nissler, Christian
Novak, Domen
Nowak, Markus
Nycz, Christopher J
Oblak, Ethan
Ocampo, Renz
O'Connell, Colleen
Oetomo, Denny
Ogrinc, Matjaž
Ohu, Ikechukwu
O'Neill, Ciarán Tomás
Orihuela-Espina, Felipe
Oscar Andres, Vivas
Ozcan, Onur
Palermo, Eduardo
Palli, Gianluca
Pálsdóttir, Ásgerður Arna
Pan, Chien-Wen
Pan, Lizhi
Pan, Yongping
Panizzolo, Fausto Antonio
Papapicco, Vito
Park, Jeong-Ho
Parmar, Pritesh
Patanè, Fabrizio
Patwardhan, Shriniwas
Paulo, João
Pedro, Leonardo M.
Pelaez Murciego, Luis
Penalver-Andres, Joaquin
Perez-Turiel, Javier
Pernalete, Norali
Perry, Joel C.
Petrini, Francesco
Piazza, Cristina
Pickle, Nathaniel
Pierella, Camilla
Pierobon, Alberto
Pilarski, Patrick M.
Piovanelli, Enrico
Pirondini, Elvira
Podobnik, Janez
Poliero, Tommaso
Popov, Dmitry
Pozzi, Maria
Price, Mark
Prinsen, Erik
Quintero, David
Rabuffetti, Marco
Rahimi Nohooji, Hamed
Rahman, Tariq
Raiano, Luigi
Rajasekaran, Vijaykumar
Ranzani, Raffaele


Dannangoda Gamage, Kanishka Madusanka
Darzi, Ali
De Michieli, Lorenzo
De Santis, Dalia
del-Ama, Antonio J.
Delisle-Rodríguez, Denis
Della Santina, Cosimo
Desplenter, Tyler
Devigne, Louise
Diamond, Laura
Diao, Xiumin
Díaz, Iñaki
Díez Pomares, Jorge Antonio
Divekar, Nikhil
Donelan, Max
Dosen, Strahinja
Dosen., strahinja
Duarte, Jaime Enrique
Duverney, Cédric
Easthope, Chris Schmidt
Eden, Jonathan Paul
Elliott, Grant
Erol Barkana, Duygun
Erwin, Andrew
Eugster, Manuela
Fakhari, Amin
Fang, Juan
Fani, Simone
Fasel, Lorin
Fasola, Jemina
Felici, Federica
Ferguson, Peter
Filippeschi, Alessandro
Fischi Sommer, Leonardo
Fleming, Aaron
Flink, Tania
Flynn, Louis
Fong, Jason
Fong, Justin
Forner-Cordero, Arturo
Fraile, Juan-Carlos
Fricke, Simone
Frisoli, Antonio
Frizera-Neto, Anselmo
Fu, Qiushi
Furukawa, Jun-ichiro
Gagnon, Dany
Galofaro, Elisa
Gandolla, Marta
Garabini, Manolo
Garcia, Cecilia
Garcia-Aracil, Nicolas
Rastgaar, Mo
Rauter, Georg
Rezaee, Zeynab
Riener, Robert
Rietman, J.S.
Ristic-Durrant, Danijela
Rizzoglio, Fabio
Rodriguez-Guerrero, Carlos
Rombokas, Eric
Ronsse, Renaud
Rose, Chad
Rosendo, Andre
Rouse, Elliott
Ruiz Garate, Virginia
Ruiz, Andres
Ruiz, Oscar Eduardo
Russo, Sheila
Salvietti, Gionata
Sanguineti, Vittorio
Santos Vimieiro, Claysson Bruno
Santos, Wilian Miranda dos
Sanz-Merodio, Daniel
Sanz-Morère, Clara Beatriz
Sawada, Yuichi
Scalona, Emilia
Schaake, Leendert
Schiavone, Giuseppina
Schilling, Arndt
Schultz, Joshua
Seanez, Ismael
Sedda, Giulia
Semprini, Marianna
Semrau, Jennifer
Sensinger, Jonathon
Seo, Keehong
Seth, Nitin
Seyfarth, Andre
Shah, Valay
Shallal, Christopher
Sharif Razavian, Reza
Shen, Yang
Shepherd, Max
Shield, Stacey Leigh
Shimizu Ito, Yu
Shin, Sung Yul
Shirafuji, Shouhei
Silva-Couto, Marcela
Siqueira, Adriano
Skidmore, Jeffrey
Smith, Ashley Dean
Soares, Alcimar B
Spagnoletti, Giovanni
Sridar, Saivimal
Stavridis, Sotiris
Stephens-Fripp, Benjamin
Stopforth, Riaan
Strauss, Ivo
Summa, Susanna
Susic, Ivan
Suzuki, Yasuyuki
Swinnen, Eva
Taborri, Juri
Taffoni, Fabrizio
Tanaka, Yoshiyuki
Tannuri, Eduardo Aoun
Thalman, Carly
Tiseni, Luca
Tiseo, Carlo
Tommasino, Paolo
Tong, Kai Yu
Tonin, Luca
Torricelli, Diego
Tortora, Stefano


Garcia-Rosas, Ricardo
Gassert, Roger
Georgarakis, Anna-Maria
Giang, Christian
Giardina, Fabio
Gigli, Andrea
Gijsberts, Arjan
Gizzi, Leonardo
Gloumakov, Yuri
Gocek, Ikilem
Goldau, Felix
Gorer, Binnur
Gregg, Robert D.
Gruppioni, Emanuele
Guanziroli, Eleonora
Guegan, Sylvain
Haarman, Claudia J.W.
Haji Hassani, Roushanak
Hargrove, Levi
Harlaar, Jaap
Hashimoto, Takuya
Haufe, Florian Leander
Hebert, Jacqueline
Hedel, Hubertus J.A.
Hejrati, Babak
Heremans, François
Herrnstadt, Gil
Higuchi, Gai
Hirai, Hiroaki
Hobbs, Bradley
Hobbs, David Anthony
Hocaoglu Cetinsoy, Elif
Hong, Keum-Shik
Hu, Blair
Huang, He (Helen)
Huang, Hsien-Yung
Huang, Rui
Hughes, Josie
Hunt, Justin
Iandolo, Riccardo
Ingraham, Kimberly
Iqbal, Muhammad Zubair
Itoh, Makoto
Jarrassé, Nathanael
Jarrett, Christopher
Jevtic Vojinovic, Tijana
Ji, Xiaoxu
Joiner, Wilsaan
Jung, Je Hyung
Just, Fabian
Kager, Simone
Kajitani, Isamu
Kamavuako, Ernest Nlandu
Toxiri, Stefano
Tran, Vi Do
Trigili, Emilio
Tryon, Jacob Geoffrey
Ugur, Emre
Umberger, Brian
Unal, Ramazan
Valdés, Bulmaro A.
Valle, Giacomo
van Ommeren, Anne Lotte
Vanderborght, Bram
Varol, Huseyin Atakan
Vashista, Vineet
Veneman, Jan
Verstraten, Tom
Vette, Albert
Vinagre Ruiz, Manuel
Vujaklija, Ivan
Wang, Allison
Wang, Hansong
Wang, Yiwei
Ward, Sarah Helen
White, Olivier
Wiedemann, Lukas
Wilhelm, Elisabeth
Wolbrecht, Eric
Wolf, Derek
Wolf, Peter
Woo, Hanseung
Wu, Amy
Wu, Ming
Xiloyannis, Michele
Xiong, Hao
Yalcin, Mustafa
Yan, Tingfang
Yang, Ningjia
Yang, Qianqian
Yang, Wei
Yeow, Chen-Hua
Yildirim, Mehmet Can
Yozbatiran, Nuray
Yu, Bingbin
Yu, Haoyong
Zadravec, Matjaž
Zahedi, Fatemeh
Zanotto, Damiano
Zariffa, Jose
Zbytniewska, Monika
Zenzeri, Jacopo
Zhang, Qiang
Zhou, Yue
ZHU, Jian
Zito, Claudio
Zoller, Esther Isabel
Zondervan, Daniel
Zonnino, Andrea