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ICORR Program

ICORR proudly hosts Katherine Kuchenbecker as our featured Keynote speaker for RehabWeek.

In addition to over 150 poster presentations,  ICORR  will include a total of 60 oral presentations in two parallel sessions. Each oral presentation will be 12 minutes long, followed by 3 minutes of questions. Of these, 6 presenters will be the finalists of the Student Award Competition.  

We arranged the program in below tracks. 

ICORR Program at a glance 002

ICORR Detailed Program

Please click on the below links to view detailed ICORR program. 

Program at a Glance

 Program for Tuesday June 25, 2019

 Program for Wednesday June 26, 2019

 Program for Thursday June 27, 2019


 ICORR General Assembly - Tentative Agenda

• ICORR updates, e.g. new board members (Rui Loureiro)
• Next ICORR conferences (Rui Loureiro)
• Presentation of the list of new members; election (Robert Riener)
• Discussion about possible financial incomes (Roger Gassert)
• Varia