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ICORR - International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics


What is the society’s main goal?
To explore the prospects of using robotic technologies for rehabilitation

Is there a personal story behind the establishment of the society?

ICORR sprung from RESNA long ago. The ICORR dates from1990 as a satellite of RESNA. Many of these conferences are at RehabRobotics.org. 

o 1990:     Alfred I. duPont Institute, Wilmington, Delaware, USA
o 1991:     Georgia Tech University, Atlanta, GA, USA
o 1992:     University of Keele, Staffordshire, UK
o 1994:     Alfred I. duPont Institute, Wilmington, Delaware, USA
o 1997:     Bath Institute of Medical Engineering at the University of Bath, UK
o 1999:     Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA
o 2001:     INT/INSERM, Evry (near Paris), France
o 2003:     Korea Advanced Institute of Technology (KAIST), Daejeon, Republic of Korea
o 2005:     The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, USA
o 2007:     Noordwijk, the Netherlands
o 2009,     Kyoto, Japan
o 2011:     Zurich, Switzerland
o 2013:     Seattle, Washington, USA
o 2015:     Singapore
o 2017:     London, UK
o 2019:     Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

ICORR has been a series of conferences, but its governing group is the IEEE (EMB and RA societies) and is now also governed by a new society itself – the International Consortium of Rehabilitation Robotics (also ICORR), An international steering committee comprised of representatives of these groups marshals ICORR. This steering committee selects conference locations, and has recently chosen to continue to alternate back and forth across the globe using the pattern of residing in the Americas, Asia, the Americas, Europe, the Americas, Asia, etc. There is an effort to form a ICORR group called the international consortium for Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR), which will steer conferences and other activity.

Why did your society decided to take part in the RehabWeek?

RehabWeek has produced strong results in previous years’ as a “team of conferences” lead to an excellent meeting of minds all focused on rehabilitation technology and taking advantage of being together.

Why is RehabWeek unique and why should people attend?
Nowhere else is there an assembly of diverse views on the topic.